Sports Field Committee

The Sports Field Committe ceased in October 2023.  A Sports Field Working Group meets every 6 weeks to discuss operational issues and plan for the successful running of the Sports Field and Pavilion.  This is fed back to the Islip Parish Council meetings and recommendations are agreed and or authorised.  Any queries can be directed to the Clerk of the Parish Council.  Jill Dickinson, or telephone 07432098051



SFC Minutes Fri Nov 4th 2022

ISA Minutes Wed 29th June 2022


ISA Agenda Wed 11th August 2021  ISA Minutes Wed 11th August 2021

ISA agenda 2021-03-24     ISA Minutes 2021-03-24

ISA Agenda 2020-11-11      ISA Minutes 2020-11-11

ISA Agenda 2020-06-09   ISA minutes 2020-06-09

ISA Agenda 2020-02-25 ISA Minutes 25-2-2020

Sports Committee Agenda 2019-09-24 (1)

ISA Agenda 2016-04-11

Sports Field Decisions & Actions 2015-07-20 amended 2015-07-30

Sports Field Agenda 2015-03-10

SFC- Agenda June 2020

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