Annual Return Documents


Section 1 AGAR – approved but unaudited may 2024

Section 2 AGAR – approved but unaudited may 2024

Exercise of Public Rights 2024

Internal Auditors report 1 

Internal Auditors reports 2

Bank Reconciliations 2023-2024



Annual Governance Statement

Notice of Public Rights

Internal Auditors Report june 23    

Notice of conclusion of Audit September 2023

Approved Agar

External auditors report September 2023




Annual Governance Statement

Approved AGAR Sec 1 and Sec 2- unaudited Apr 22

AGAR Internal Audit Report Islip YE 31Mar2022

Internal Audit Report Islip PC NCALC IAS

Public Rights Notice

Notice of Conclusion of audit Sept 22

NH0134 S3 External Auditors report

IPC Cashbook 2021-2022 SFA Cash book 2021-22 Bank reconciliation Mar 2022 Explanation of variances Mar 2022    Receipts and Payments account for Year ended 31st March 2022



Annual Internal Audit Report 202021 Islip Internal Audit Report_31MAR21_v1    

IPC-Cash-book  SFA Cash book

Bank reconciliation Mar 2021   IPC- explanation of variances 2021

Year End accounts Mar 21

Provision for the exercise of public rights

AGAR Sec 3 External Auditor report

Notice of Conclusion of Audit




Annual Return Documents including

AGAR Sec 1 and 2 Islip PC NH0134 and Islip PC AGAR IA report Islip PC NH0134 

NCALC Internal Audit Report 19.20

IPC rcpts and payments from Bank statements (1)

Bank rec Mar 2020

IPC explanation of variances 19.20

Notice of conclusion of audit 20    External Auditor report

Exercise of Public rights




Annual Return Documents    including Section 1 Annual Governance  Section 2 Accounting Statement and Internal Audit Report

Islip PC 2019 Internal Audit

Sect 3- Auditors report

Bank Reconciliation EOY Mar 2019

Significant variances

Notice of conclusion of Audit

Notice of Public rights

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