Community message from the Police

Good Afternoon

We have had a request by members of the public that have brought to our attention of unacceptable behaviour and have requested this message to go out and shared to everyone.

Could all dog owners, while enjoying the country walks , please keep all dogs under control at all times, when out to which we encourage doing, Please observe/respect the countryside code:

We would like to advise leaving gates open or shut as you find them, keep to footpaths, avoid climbing over fences, and please be mindful and park in a considerate fashion so that you are not blocking residents and farmers from using the track.

Sheep worrying by dogs is becoming a major issue in the countryside, and this behaviour is unacceptable.

We apologise and fully understand this message is not intended to everyone, sadly and unfortunately a very small minority of us have to be kindly reminded from time to time. We do Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Your Local Policing Team

Message Sent By
Arthur Pereira (Police, Community Support Officer, East Northants)
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