Buses are changing

Islip Parish Council has received the following information from Northamptonshire Highways

Following a number of attempts to procure a replacement contract, a contract has been awarded to Whippet Coaches Limited in the last few days and today a registration has been received for a replacement for services 8 and 18.  Subject to approval from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, a Government body, this will commence on Monday 28 October. 

The timetables from Thrapston, Brigstock, Little Stanion, Stanion, Corby Old Village, Geddington and Weekley are comparable to the current timetables, albeit with slight amendments.  It is worth noting, however, that passengers from Brigstock who wish to arrive in Kettering before 1100 should travel on services towards Corby and remain on the bus. 

Whippet Coaches, operating under the name “Go Whippet”, are based in Cambridgeshire between Huntingdon and Cambridge. As a result of this and the operator’s requirement to run buses to their depot to relieve drivers for a break, we are able to offer an experimental direct service from Corby and Thrapston to Huntingdon three times per day in the off-peak.  Full details can be found on the following link: http://www.go-whippet.co.uk/latest-news/news/

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